And this is good news?

The Climate Denial Crock of The Week site is priceless.

If you want insight into just how bad things are, especially among Americans, especially among American politicians, especially among Republican politicians — this is the place to look. If you want examples of how gullible the American public is, or of how ruthlessly Fox News distorts the facts or just plain ignores them — you’ll find them here.

And really you ought to be interested. You can’t hope to understand why Obama is so timid on climate change without knowing what he’s up against. The dogmatic stubbornness, the bare-faced manipulation and the utter stupidity have to be seen to be believed. NASA has been rigging temperature data since 1934? Believe it — it’s on Fox.

And where does it all lead to? Consider this:

… one analysis published earlier this month from left-leaning Public Policy Polling. It asked voters if they would “be willing to support a candidate for President in 2016 who did not believe that global warming was being caused by human activity?” Forty-six percent said no, while only 38 percent said yes.

Note that this is reckoned to be good news because of the 46%. It’s the 38% that scare me shitless!


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