Snowden keeps ’em guessing

Hey, Ed Snowden has left Hong Kong for Moscow and might be heading for Cuba. I like it! Well done, that man. Keep the bastards guessing!

I’m intrigued. To what extent, I wonder, did he plan all this?Judging by his “Truth will out” remark, I would guess that his press releases are all prepared and will go out automatically on set dates, whatever happens to him and wherever he goes. Who would not be delighted to see him run rings round the fucking CIA? Sure, everyone spies on everyone. We all know it. It’s no big deal. But the US spies on all US citizens while blustering on about the moral high ground and has been caught red handed. Snowden’s whistle-blowing has bugger all to do with spying, but of course that  hasn’t prevented the US from charging him under a 100-year-old catch-all anti-espionage law.

Run, Ed, run. Run the bastards raw. And keep the truth coming!

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