A state funeral in all but name

Talk about OT fucking T! Ten million quid’s worth of funeral for a wicked woman who divided the nation. Yes, wicked. Galloway is right. Between them, Reagan and Thatcher destroyed the moral underpinnings of government in their respective countries. The difference between them was that Thatcher was intelligent enough to know what she was doing. So yes, wicked.

Whitehall was against a state funeral, arguing that the lady’s policies had been divisive and that a significant proportion of the population would therefore not want to contribute. A state funeral would be, ipso facto, inappropriate. For God’s sake, even the Telegraph agreed with that!

But in the end either Whitehall has been leant on to change its mind or it’s been simply ignored and the result is a state funeral in all but name: military escort, Parliament suspended, Big Ben silenced…

I hope – I really hope – that protesters will not be content to politely turn their backs on the funeral cortège. I hope they shout rude words at the old witch as she trundles past. I hope they will be angry enough to exercise their right to be well and truly offensive.

Because the woeful state of the UK economy and the moral bankruptcy of government and financial circles are both largely her fault.

RIP, Margaret Thatcher – Rot In Purgatory.

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