22 septembre 2015 — Méga-chantier chez Marga. Les 67 sapins n’y sont plus, abattus en une journée et demie. Et en plus, la broyeuse a tout mangé sur place.

En voici l’avant, le pendant et le presque après.


20 September 2014 — I spent last weekend as one of a team of half a dozen Photographers (yes, capital P, badge and the official T-shirt, if you please!) at the “Fête Médiévale” in Le Touche Carnée, near Malestroit, in Brittany. I shot 460 pics and I was pleasantly surprised to find that 30 of them were quite presentable. Most of those 30 were taken on the Sunday and that’s not surprising. On the Saturday, like a fool (or an amateur) I ran around all over the place, intent on seeing and photographing everything; and not much came of it. Next day the sun was hotter and I was tired. I found a spot in the shade with the sun at my back – and waited for something to happen within my frame. As I used to tell the girls in the office, it’s all about being constructively lazy!


19 August 2014 — Here’s another one I took in the mist the other day, overlooking the site of the new bypass.


18 August 2014 — As promised, a small selection from the last two months.

17 August 2014 — Oh dear, the best part of two months and nothing posted here! A glance through the catalogue reveals, er… nothing outstanding. There’s plenty of pretty stuff but frankly nothing to write home about. I’ll pick out a small selection when I get the time, but that won’t be today because the cricket starts in 15mins!

Here’s one I did yesterday when — the for second day in a row — I was out astonishingly early.

I don’t use Photoshop a great deal, except to crop and maybe adjust the contrast. But this one cried out for a tweak or two. I boosted the contrast in the medium tones and accentuated the contours, by a value of 2 in the middle and 1 for the skyline and above.

24 June 2014 — My photography has been suffering from the cricket and the heat. No time to go out in the morning, too hot in the afternoon, and anyway the cricket was on till early evening. Sorry, Sam!


9 June 2014 — An exact science it is not! On Saturday I went to the Doulaye and took the tripod with me. I stood in the middle of the stream for the best part of an hour taking pics of the dragonflies and most of what I got was… rubbish! No other word for it. It’s not hard to catch them when they’re not moving, but that’s not very interesting, is it? They fold up their wings and just sit there, facing the sun so you can’t even see the translucence. No, it’s all about catching them as they come in, with all four wings visible and the landing gear out full stretch. And that’s altogether another kettle of fish. You need to be extraordinarily careful with focus and depth of field. By definition you’re using a longish lens so your depth of field options are limited anyway. Next time, instead of the 100-300, I think I’ll try with the 100mm prime lens which has the advantage of opening to 2.8 and will give an extra couple of stops for shutter speed.

Then, yesterday, I had a stroke of sheer luck. Walking round a small irrigation pond I came across this flower (which I’ve been unable to identify, unless it’s a variety of conopode) bent over, head down over the surface of the water reflecting a faultless blue sky. Two clicks and that was that. Frustrating, isn’t it!


8 June 2014 — That’s it, summer’s here: flip-flops, short sleeves and Bermuda shorts, indoors hiding from the sun. Sam too!

I’ve been busy lately. Plenty of pics but no time to write about them or even get them up on the blog. So today I’m playing catch-up.

25 May — Fishing competition on the Vouraie (pike, zander and other predators with names I’ve not memorised). The previous day’s sunshine had disappeared and anyway I was too late. By the time I arrived there was no one out on the water — they were all at the bar! One chap on the near bank was fishing for carp: baiting his patch before retiring to his camp hidden in the bushes. One nice shot of some foxgloves; but something tells me it needs cropping and I can’t see how.

28/29/30 May — The Vouraie again. Left bank and a watchful heron. Not much light in those woods for Sam & the foxgloves (ISO 400, 1/60 sec and the Sigma 18-200 wide open at f4.5). This guy was setting up for a long weekend’s carp fishing. He too baited his patch and marked it with small blue floats. Next day I shot his camp across the lake with the 300mm, but the weather was ‘mixed’ at best. The chap with his tent tucked into the woods was further down, beyond the motorway bridge. I heard that shower coming towards me over the water! The Friday was a glorious day: numerous boats on the water and the first guy drying his kit on top of the tent!

2 June — The Petit Emery still boasts one or two pools where Sam can take a dip, but there’s no more than a trickle of water elsewhere.

4 June — Dodging showers on the Vouraie. By the time Sam and I swung back through that meadow, the daisies had been turned into hay!

5 June — Nathalie & Christian’s youngest is just too cute! On the way home I stopped to take some pics of the new dual carriageway being driven through the fields south of L’Angle. I’m sure I can do better than this.

24 May 2014 — Lumière extraordinaire sur la Vouraie aujourd’hui !

17 May 2014 — A delightful walk along the right bank of the Vouraie. Too warm at times in jeans and a shirt.

15 May 2014 — A short walk along the Brest-Nantes canal, near Malestroit in Brittany.

Le 28 avril 2014 — Le Petit Emery le matin et la Doulaye en fin d’après-midi, en passant entre les averses.

Le 9 avril 2014 — Rive gauche de la Vouraie, entre le pont de l’autoroute et l’ancienne route, en fin d’après-midi : magnifique !

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