That nice Bill Gates has some nasty playmates

On climate change, not only is Bill Gates not part of the solution, he’s a big part of the problem.

A year or two ago I wrote to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a concrete suggestion as to how they might use some of their wealth to advance the cause of climate change science. They replied some months later saying, effectively, that they weren’t interested. I was disappointed but not particularly surprised.

In the meantime I’ve read Clive Hamilton’s “The Earthmasters” and now I know why they’re not interested. As far as climate change is concerned, cuddly Bill is in bed with the bad guys.

The Gates Foundation is undoubtedly a force for good in many respects: funding research for the eradication of tropical diseases, improving Third World health services and education, etc. But all that is, relatively speaking, window dressing. The defining issue of our age, indeed the most momentous challenge our species has ever had to face, is climate change. That is The Big One and Bill Gates has got it all wrong.

It is a curious fact that those individuals, groups, think-tanks and corporate giants who spend billions to undermine the science of climate change are the very same ones investing in and promoting “innovative” geo-engineering technologies to offset the effects of global warming, which — according to them — is not a problem! And Bill Gates is currently the biggest source of financing for this burgeoning new sector.

These people are the natural allies of such enlightened sources of unbiased information as the Heartland Institute and ExxonMobil whose enthusiasm for geo-engineering is an unmistakeable sign: you can be sure that if they want it, we don’t need it.

(See “The Earthmasters” pp  103-106 for a full account of Gates’s involvement with people like Lowell Wood, Ken Caldeira, David Keith, Murray Edwards, etc. More generally, read the whole book, carefully, if [a] you don’t know what geo-engineering is about, or [b] you think it offers a solution. It doesn’t. Even considering it is part of the problem.)



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  1. bonjour j’aii déjà écouté un livre lu par mr depasse c’est vraiment génial, je suis handicapée et écoutais depuis mon mp3 qui est perdu, comment enregistrer depuis mon iphone ? merci d’avance

    1. Hi – and thanks for the comments. As for Bush, none of that matters, does it? Because his slate was wiped clean from on high. With God on your side, who needs brains, integrity, humility… never mind strategic insight and plain, old-fashioned common sense?

      I’m afraid I can’t help you with the technical stuff. mp3, iphone… all that stuff is magic as far as I’m concerned. Bon courage !

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