“The drive to clean up the world’s energy system has stalled.”

The quote is from Maria van der Hoeven, the IEA’s executive director.

The IEA (International Energy Agency), not known for its raging eco-fundamentalist tendencies, has issued its latest report on CEM (Clean Energy Ministerial – Jesus, who thinks up these names?), “Tracking Clean Energy Progress – 2013”.

The 22 countries that participate in the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) share a strong interest in the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. As these same countries represent more than 75% of global energy consumption, 80% of global CO2 emissions and 75% of global GDP, they have the power to drive the transition to a cleaner energy system and, since CEM first convened in 2010, have taken steps toward this challenging goal. So how much progress has been made thus far?

Key findings are:

  • Renewable energy and emerging country efforts are lights in the dark as progress on clean energy remains far below a 2°C pathway.
  • The global energy supply is not getting cleaner, despite efforts to advance clean energy.
  • A window of opportunity is opening in transport.
  • More effort needed in industry, buildings and systems integration.
  • Public investments in energy RD&D must at least triple, as the energy share of research budgets remains low.
  • Poor quality and availability of data are still serious constraints in tracking and assessing progress.

In other words, collectively we need to ex-fucking-digitate!

2 thoughts on ““The drive to clean up the world’s energy system has stalled.”

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