Well, I’ll be damned — hell is back!

I remember wincing with embarrassment when Bush II publicly congratulated the beleaguered FEMA director Michael Brown in post-Katrina New Orleans, saying he was doing a “heck of a job”. Wow — that was really telling ’em! Since then all heck has crossed the Atlantic and transformed British public parlance too into an insipid soup of Bowdlerised prissiness.

Imagine then my delight when, during a recent episode of NCIS, the inimitable Hetty demanded to know what the hell was going on! Bugger me, I thought — how did that one get past the auto-censor? Or might that be a sign of the times? Is that possible? Could it be that a female Gartenzwerg has, like San-Antonio’s aunt (or indeed Graham Green’s), had the balls to plunge in where mere men fear to tread?

Whatever will be next? Bare tits and burnt apple pie? We live in hope.

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